3d Visuals and Animations

I have significant expertise in producing 3d Visuals and Animations, and in dealing with highly complex projects. I've been working in the industry for many years, and have traded as a Freelancer for the last 5 years. Please take a look at my portfolio to see some of my recent work.

I work with clients both large and small, from a variety of industries, including and not exclusively, Property Developers, Architects, Engineers, Advertising Agencies, and Product Designers.

I work with clients in the UK and Abroad.

I come from a creative design background, with a 2:1 degree in Industrial Design. I take great pride in my work, with a keen eye for detail, and professional attitude. I'm always striving to create the best possible results for my clients.

3d Modelling, Lighting, and Materials...

I have plenty of experience in creating convincing 3d lighting and Materials for CGI models, mostly utilising Vray for these tasks. I have particular interest in creating 3d interior views. I also create 3d computer models, often quite complex 3d models, from scratch. Many of the products you'll see in my Portfolio have been made from scratch.

I have particular expertise in complex bespoke quad modelling. If you need any complex 3d models created, I'm sure I can help :)

Core Skills...

Excellent time / resource management skills. Methodical / Logical approach to projects.
Efficient at problem solving, and developing strategic approaches to projects.
A good understanding of architectural practices, building terminology, with the ability to read and translate plans and elevations into 3d.
A natural ability to ‘think’ and create in a 3d software environment.
A solid understanding of light, space, materials, and composition.
Excellent quad/poly modelling skills, lighting, and material manipulation skills, within 3ds Max.
Extensive texturing skills and experience with UVW mapping (unwrap).
Extensive animation experience for architectural walk-throughs, and industrial applications.
2d Camera Matching, Compositing and Photo-montage skills.
Photo Retouching and Video Post Production skills.
Experienced in handling large and highly complex scene files.


I work from my fully equipped office in the beautiful county of Suffolk.
I utilise Skype, Skype screen sharing, and collaborative drawing tools to improve communications.

I have been successfully remote working with clients for many years now, both in the UK and abroad.

I do work in clients offices from time to time, depending on the distances involved. I try where possible to meet clients in the first instance, to discuss their project requirements. Please feel free to call me to arrange a meeting.

What kit am I using?

Currently I am running two main machines, both PC, and one small PC that handles backups and other important everyday tasks.

My main software tools are 3ds Max, Vray, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

I am running 2 x i7 2700k, with 16GB Ram, SSD, and 1GB Video Cards. In addition, I run 2 x HP ZR24W LED, monitors, colour calibrated with an Eye One spectrometer. I have all the usual input devices, plus a 3d Connexion Space Pilot – an absolute must for those serious modelling tasks!

In addition, when necessary I farm out rendering tasks to external suppliers, such as Rebus.

I have approximately 4TB of storage, which is backed-up in triplicate, daily.


Where necessary, I utilise Skype screen sharing, which allows me to share a view of my desktop with my clients. They can see exactly what I see on my computer screen. This can be very useful when trying to communicate complex project issues!

I also utilise Skype for voice comms, Dropbox for file transfers, and collaborative drawing tools. Using all these tools makes communications quite straight forward.

Follow this link to find out more about Skype screen sharing